GoPro’s IPO isn’t about selling cameras, it’s about creating a media empire

Excerpt from this article:

What makes the GoPro success so interesting is just how dominant it is in the market despite all that competition. In fact, its brand dominance is so strong that if it hasn’t become synonymous with “action camera” already (like Kleenex or Xerox have with their respective industries), it can’t be far off.

…It’s a snowball of consumer’s enthusiasm, and word of mouth via their viral videos,” Woodman said. “Millions of people around the world capture and share really interesting life experiences, and the result is really interesting content; that becomes a difficult thing for anybody to compete with.” As Woodman points out, the brand has had a far-reaching impact with its Facebook page and other social media channels — including those of individual GoPro owners. These not only continually promote the brand, but also help keep it in the collective consciousness like a steadily burning fire of free publicity.