Become A Vigilante With This App That Lets You Report Cars In Handicapped Spaces

Excerpt from this article:

He’s created an app that lets people photograph offenders and report them to the authorities. The app, which is available in iPhone and Android versions, has been downloaded 150,000 times already, and local governments are starting to take notice.

 If you live in Hays County, Texas, you can take a short course to become a volunteer parking inspector and start issuing violators with a $500 fine. Call it citizen justice. All a person needs to do is take three pictures of the car and submit the photos to Marsh’s nonprofit, Parking Mobility. It then sends the details on to the county. Another major Texas city is set to adopt the program in the next few weeks, he says.

 By photographing the transgressors, Marsh hopes to build awareness of the problem across the country. “The data is a really helpful because it shows the extent of the problem in communities. It lets us demonstrate and get support to address it,” he says.