Blaming tech for the loss of childhood innocence is lazy

Is she running away from innocence, or a computer?

Excerpt from this article:

There is one thing that we know will never help prepare young generations for a future of digital liberation, literacy and safety, and that’s scaremongering and an avoidance of the tough conversations. The one thing that is needed, is education. AVG Technologies somehow manages to nail the good and the bad with this (hopefully) well intentioned approach to the matter.

Back to sex though. It’s ridiculous to begin this promotion with a sentence about “awkward adult topics”. Not discussing these things with children is the MP Claire Perry approach of “block it and ban it” — if you don’t let them access it, they obviously won’t see it, and then they’ll never know about it. Totally nonsensical.

Apparently 50 percent of the survey respondents could not remember having the “facts of life” conversation with their parents. Which is totally meaningless. This is either a lie, or down to the fact that older generations will surely have steered even further clear of the debate than today’s parents.