Former retail chief: Only 1 in 100 Apple store visitors actually buys

Excerpt from this article:

In an interview at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson explained that physical retail was so much more about an experience than a crude sales channel.

 “The Apple store’s a place to be,” Johnson said. Not a place to shop, a place to be.

He also offered one bracing statistic (around the 38-minute mark): “Only 1 out of the 100 who visit the store every day buy anything.”

He then put forward this conundrum: “But it’s the busiest store in the mall.”

What are the other 99 doing? Bathing in the connection between themselves and the brand. In the future, he said, stores will be forced to create more intimacy through their physical stores.

The ubiquity of technology has meant that people feel more connected to each other — although one can debate how real these connections are.