The Like Trail: What You Like on Facebook Says More Than You Know

Excerpt from this article:

The study was pretty simple: 58,000 volunteers shared their Facebook profiles and filled out additional surveys. The researchers looked for correlations between Likes and other attributes. That’s it. Below is the accuracy with which they could predict certain dichotomous attributes based on Likes. (Accuracy here is defined as the probability of correctly categorizing two randomly selected people, one from each of the two paired categories — e.g., male and female.)

Single: 67 percent

Parents Together at 21: 80 percent

Smokes Cigarettes: 73 percent

Drinks Alcohol: 70 percent

Uses Drugs: 65 percent

White vs. Black: 95 percent (There isn’t much overlap between what whites and blacks Like.)

Christian vs. Muslim: 82 percent

Democrat vs. Republican: 85 percent

Gay vs. Straight Man: 88 percent

Lesbian vs. Straight Woman: 75 percent

Gender: 93 percent