This Guy’s Tinder Tantrum Is So Outrageous It’s Hysterical

Excerpt from this article:

It is constantly amazing to me exactly how entitled certain men feel to women’s time and attention. And to sex. Let’s not forget all the guys who feel entitled to sex. In this particular exchange, we see a guy make a seemingly unprovoked sexual comment (I mean, there could have been some build up we don’t get screenshots of, but it really seems to come out of nowhere). This in and of itself is not unusual or surprising, nor is the fact that the girl messages asking him to stop contacting her. So far we are par for the digital dating course.

But whereas most guys might send one or two confused or upset follow up messages before moving on like the grownups they theoretically ought to be, this guy commits to his outrage like nobody but an egotist or a 2-year-old really can. The resulting temper tantrum is so intense it’s downright comical. Like, I recognize all of the truly harmful, misogynist, and entitled attitudes towards women that are at play in this rant, but the overall effect is just so outrageous it’s funny.