Social media is parents’ greatest online fear, research says

Kids on computers

Excerpt from this article:

Parents are more concerned about their children’s use of social media services than any other online activity, according to a new survey by a US-based digital safety group.

…Among the 53% of parents who said their child had a social networking account, more than three quarters (78%) have logged on to their child’s account to check their posts.

Jen Hanley, legal and policy director of FOSI, said parents were concerned that their children might “overshare” online by posting personal information that could then not be withdrawn. It also reflected their difficulty in keeping up with the latest app, she added: “Many parents say that now they are on Facebook, their kids are not.”

…For those whose children have a smartphone or mobile device, 71% of parents said they had checked sent and received text messages, and 45% had set limits on the number of messages that could be sent.