Losing your smartphone: the five stages of grief

Pile of smartphones HTC

Excerpt from this article:

The loss of my phone caused me to experience some worryingly vivid emotional responses; it seemed I was experiencing the five stages of grief, also known as the Kübler-Ross model… my reactions conformed precisely to the five stages, in a short space of time. How appropriate, given that smartphones are blamed for damaging attention spans.

…Bargaining: Once I’d calmed down a bit, I decided that I’d turn my phone off and charge it up for a bit, see if it felt better after a rest and a full battery. I’d never heard of devices “recovering” from physical damage, but then these modern phones are pretty advanced.

…I then started explaining my situation to those around me, in case they knew a fix or solution to my problem. Obviously, none were forthcoming. Eventually, I was reduced to asking people if they could find my wife on Facebook and send her a message about what had happened, in exchange for a favourable tweet once I regained internet access.

If I ever compile the 10 most dignified moments of my life, I very much doubt this will be on that list.