Coke’s Super Bowl Ad Puts Spotlight On Cyberbullying – UPDATED

Excerpt from this article:

With this ad Coca-Cola launches its #MakeItHappy campaign, which the company describes as a “movement to add more happiness to the Web and offset negativity.”

 Internet negativity is not news to anyone, and at the extreme end of this negativity, cyberbullying has had tragic effects on the lives of many. According to, a 2013 study revealed that 15 percent of high school students have experienced electronic bullying. But the Coca-Cola ad, addressing Internet negativity, and criticizing it, takes a step into the corporate mainstream.

UPDATE: Tricked Into Quoting Hitler, Coca-Cola Suspends Automated Tweet Campaign

The debacle illustrates that major brands like Coke can’t make campaigns featuring automatic tweets without the expectation that it will likely get highjacked…