‘First!’ The people battling for celebrity attention on social media


Excerpt from this article:

Anthony relentlessly follows and checks (and then re-checks) virtually every action the 50 Shades of Grey star takes online. He spends up to 15 hours per day keeping tabs on Dornan’s social media activity.

In the quest to be first to Like, comment or respond to Dornan’s online activity, and to bring news to Dornan’s other fans via the Jamie Dornan Online fan site, Anthony is a social media monitoring machine.

… “We think we’d get more chance to be seen and get an answer if we are the first post. Maybe Jamie stays online only for two or three minutes, so it’s always better to post if he’s there.”

…”Social media can give many people the illusion that they are connected to and have a relationship with some of their most loved celebrities… While it’s true that it’s easier to connect to them than ever before, the feeling of connection tends to lie much more in the fan than the celebrity. (After all, there can be thousands of fans, and only one celebrity.)”

Dr. Balick also explains the need to not just connect, but to be first to do so.

“Fans who feel a special relationship to their chosen celebrity will want to distinguish themselves from the mass, and one way to do this is to be the first to respond to a post or a tweet,” he said. “This behavior demonstrates one’s devotion to that celebrity. In a way it shows others, ‘I was there first, I’m a more devoted fan than you are!'”

…”The idea of being the first…is what many of us crave: a special connection with the famous… If you can say you were the first one to acknowledge a tweet or comment on a Facebook page, it implies a special relationship with that celebrity, almost as if that individual is having a private conversation with a famous person.”