This is what happens when you put away your phone for a week


Excerpt from this article:

1. People copied me: …Over the course of the week, I saw this effect again and again — when people pull out their devices and you don’t, not only do they feel pressured to put them away again more quickly, but they’re also far less likely to re-check them…

2. People liked talking to me more: …They could tell they had my undivided attention — not only was I not doing that half-nod, half-scroll thing, but I wasn’t even thinking about checking my phone. My listening skills went through the roof. As a result, people were much more engaged. When we were discussing something light-hearted, they smiled and laughed more. When we were talking about something serious, they were more honest and thoughtful…

3. People trusted me more: Well, according to the research. Studies show using your phone around someone else makes you seem less trustworthy and less empathetic…

These strategies make it a little easier:

  • I turn my phone off if I know I’m about to be with other people.
  • I stow my phone in my bag, rather than my pocket, so it’s harder to access.
  • I pretend I’m playing a game in which I get money for every phone-free interaction
  • I remind myself of the long-term gratification of building better relationships.