Grindr gets the opera treatment

"I've got a hot hungry mouth" is now high art: Grindr gets the opera treatment

Excerpt from this article:

This, my friends, is “Grindr: The Opera,” which just finished up a round of staged readings in New York with hopes of launching off-Broadway in the fall. Despite the show’s name, the songs tend more toward pop and rock. But the story line is very much true to the title: It follows four gay men as they use Grindr for different aims.

…I have complicated thoughts on Grindr. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I am an active user of Grindr. I think there are a lot of different people looking for different things and for different ways to connect to the human experience. Sometimes those work out beautifully and sometimes those work out tragically. That’s what we try to portray. There are people who at the end of the show, looking for whatever they’re looking for, who find it or find disappointment and frustration.

…It’s the question: How are these things changing? It’s so fast. Grindr came into prominence in 2009 — that’s not even a decade ago and it’s completely, completely changed the culture. For better and for worse.