YouTube to the rescue: how it taught us to fix boilers, wash denim and master beauty tips

Tim Dowling plumbing

Excerpt from this article, which I can totally relate to, having recently searched for videos on repairing doorknobs, fixing a stove and resetting my wifi router:

The video site is 10 years old this week and now contains tricks and guides to pretty much every problem ever. Guardian writers reveal the lessons they’ve learned.

For several years running, I had to call out a plumber every autumn; the central heating pump would quit shortly after I turned on the system. One year, I had a magnetic filter installed to catch the gunk that kept jamming the pump, but the next year it quit right on schedule. I called the plumber. He cleaned out the magnetic filter, restarted the system, and sent me a bill.

The next year, the annual breakdown of the pump coincided with a warm spell, so I did nothing for a week. One day, while I was staring into space, it occurred to me that YouTube might hold the answer to my problem.