What’s it like to grow up black, white, Mexican, Nigerian, Bengali….

#GrowingUpBlack meme

Excerpt from this article:

It’s not everyday that a social media conversation goes truly global – but that’s what’s happened with the “growing up” hashtags currently spreading around the world

It all started in the United States, with some wry inside jokes about life in African-American families.

They were posted on social media networks with the hashtag Growing Up Black. It’s a phrase that has been around for at least six years, but it appears to have caught on again this week. The hashtag has now been mentioned more than 1.5 million times on Twitter and thousands more times on Instagram and elsewhere. For the most part it was African-Americans joking about their racial identity and culture. “We didn’t have dress shoes, we had church shoes,” actress Jackee Harry tweeted, while another tweet said: “My mom’s best friend was automatically my aunt.”

…But the trend didn’t end there. Since it started taking off, hundreds of thousands more from other backgrounds have sharing their own messages and jokes about their childhood experiences. Growing Up Hispanic, Growing Up Arab, Growing Up Nigerian and a least a dozen others have now trended.

…But it’s now spread far from the US and across the world. The Growing Up Bengali tag was most popular in the UK, home to a large population of Bangladeshi and Indian descent. Growing Up Nigerian was mainly used within Nigeria itself – and Growing Up Black was also used in various African countries.