As the British aristocracy’s etiquette bible goes digital, never be rude online again

A local youth takes a selfie in front of Britain's Queen Elizabeth in St George's indoor market in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Excerpt from this article:

For those who need help navigating the social grace minefield on social media, Debrett’s, dedicated to maintaining British etiquette since 1769, is moving its fight for decorum into the digital age and has launched its first digital-etiquette class to help teenagers mind their manners online.

Dubbed as “social netiquette,” a special Coming of Age course helps teenagers manage their reputation and understand the impact of social media. Debrett’s asks whether you or your friends would be happy with unflattering drunken photos posted online (probably not). And discourages people from annoying friends with pokes on Facebook—if you want to get someone’s attention, just pick up the phone and give them a call. (This despite the fact that kids today don’t make telephone calls.)