The John Lewis Christmas advert is out, and the real John Lewis is bracing himself for the Twitter onslaught

Which came first - John Lewis or John Lewis?

As this article says, “a computer science educator from Virginia didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he snagged the @JohnLewis username on Twitter”:

Lewis, who describes himself as a “computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist and not a retail store,” receives numerous messages every day from mistaken Twitter users asking him about discounts, making complaints, and talking about the shop’s Christmas advert.

… A lesser man would change his handle, set his account to private, or abandon Twitter entirely – but not Lewis.

Multiple times a day he takes it upon himself to reply and correct people mistaking him for the shop, turning himself into something of a Twitter celebrity.

He’s so popular, in fact, that some people have accused him of being a fictional marketing character created by the retail giant – but could John Lewis really be that clever?

Update, December 2, 2015: Here’s a fun article where John Lewis (the retailer) has sent John Lewis (the @JohnLewis guy) a telescope to thank him for being such a good sport.