Meet the Instamom, a Stage Mother for Social Media

Princeton Cannon-Roberts, 5, being photographed by his mother, Keira Cannon, left, and a professional photographer, Daisy Beatty, for his Instagram account, Prince and the Baker. He has more than 5,600 followers. Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times

Excerpt from this article:

He is 5 years old. A happy-seeming little boy, he played with his scooter, balanced on the curb, twirled in endless circles but only had so much tolerance for the professional photographer whom Ms. Cannon, 38 and a pastry chef, had hired to populate his Instagram feed, Prince and the Baker, which has more than 5,600 followers.

When the photographer attempted to coax him to pose for one more shot with the Brooklyn Bridge behind him, he gave her a polite, “No thanks.” It didn’t help that children were riding past him on scooters of their own, or bicycles.

Once the half-hour shoot was over, Ms. Cannon posted multiple photos of Princeton in the outfit on the Instagram feed, tagging the Canadian online shop, the Mini Life, that had provided it, and the brands included. In return, she would get a shopping discount and keep the clothing, worth about $350.

During busy seasons, she receives such packages weekly. Depending on the brand, Ms. Cannon will sometimes earn a payment of $50 to $100 per post, she said, adding that L’Officiel Enfant, a showroom in Midtown, once paid her $250 for a look-book shoot.