Do you speak 2016?

Excerpt from this article:

It is impossible to know what new words will become fashionable in the year ahead: some of the buzzwords of 2016 have not yet been coined. But a few of the trends likely to shape the year are apparent, and they provide hints about the vocabulary that may be in vogue.

Technology is a reliable source of new words. Many of them jump from noun to verb, as “fax”, “e-mail”, “Google” and “Face­book” did. Whichever social network, say Slack (office-workers) or This (long-form journalism aficionados), becomes a breakout darling can expect its name to become an ordinary verb (“Slack me later”). One to watch is Venmo, which lets people send each other small payments (“Just venmo me”).

Some companies fight the “genericide” of their trademarks. Adobe, for example, campaigned to replace “to photoshop” with “to enhance using Adobe® Photoshop® software”. But they are powerless to stop it.