I Was Internet-Famous

Excerpt from this article that offers a sometimes cautionary, sometimes optimistic “Where are they now?” update on some Internet Famous viral favourites (Chocolate Rain, Leave Britney Alone, Miss South Carolina Teen, and more):

Harry [Charlie bit him in the viral video]: [Without the video] I probably wouldn’t be going to the school I go to.

Howard (their dad): All four boys go to a nice school, which we pay for. What the video has done for us is redefine normal. Coming home from school and having an interview on Skype is normal.

Harry: We go to America sometimes; we go to London.

Howard: We view everything with YouTube as a hobby. Life comes first, but one weekend we might be filming a commercial. People know about you when you meet them —

Charlie: That’s scary.

Howard: So if someone who’s seen one of those comes up and says, “I saw you skiing,” that must feel a little strange.

Charlie: Yeah. It feels like they’re spying.

Howard: Ha — is that really what you mean? They’re intruding on your life?

Charlie: Yeah.

Howard: Okay. We’ve never had this discussion before. You know, there’s a set of people who take it as a badge of honor to get bitten by Charlie.

Charlie: And then they scream!

Howard: We have an unwritten rule. If someone asks to be bitten, Charlie gets to bite however hard he wants to.