When Your Neighbor’s Drone Pays an Unwelcome Visit

Illustration: Taylor Callery

Excerpt from this article:

The way these spats usually go, one neighbor gets a new drone (often around Christmas) and begins flying it around the backyard. Then, naturally, the drone flies over to the neighbor’s yard. Then, the neighbor gets upset, especially because most recreational drones these days are equipped with cameras.

Some voice their outrage through social media. “My neighbor just flew a drone to my window and was recording me,” a Twitter user wrote this month. “I have never talked to him in my life.”

Last July, William Merideth, 47, shot down his neighbor’s drone in Louisville, Ky., saying it was spying on his 16-year-old daughter while she was sunbathing by the pool. He was arrested, but a judge ruled that Mr. Merideth had the right to shoot down the drone and dismissed the case.