Why The Stick Figure Meme Got Popular


Excerpt from this article on OgilvyDO, and see also this article on the meme on the BBC:

The “Be Like Me” meme (that stick figure about [insert name here] blowing up on your Facebook feed) is the latest viral hit glorifying our greatness – and it’s annoying the hell out of your friends.

…The meme started blowing up on my Facebook feed (and probably yours) over the weekend when a newly created meme generator allowed the ability to insert your own name instead of Bill’s.

The attention has annoyed a lot of people who suddenly found their Facebook feed covered in passive-aggressive messages. It has also caused a counter meme “Don’t be like Bill or Emily.”

Did it catch on based on our need to share with the world what we do and do not do right? It’s tough to say what made this one catch – or what makes any meme go viral. But what can be said is that this meme will likely go the way of all the others and be over by next weekend. The haters will have to find a new meme to groan over then.