Autocorrect and the Tao of Texting

Illustration by Seymour Chwast

Excerpt from this article:

Some people get so frustrated with autocorrect that they disable it completely, but then you run the risk of telling a date that you’ll “be thfre asd oon sa i gte off th trnai.” To which your date will reply, “Are you O.K.?” And you will reply, “Osrrt. I hvae agocrructs rurtned pff.” And then you will be single again.

So we forge ahead, never knowing when autocorrect will decide to insert itself into a conversation. You can think of this as yet another modern annoyance, or you can do as I do, and embrace the excitement and wisdom it brings to your life.

Indeed, autocorrect has an uncanny ability to reveal our authentic selves. A Midwestern couple I know was texting back and forth about head colds: He complained of nasal congestion, so she suggested he cut out dairy until he recovered. “I can’t love without cheese,” came his response. The heart wants what it wants. Nobody knows this better than autocorrect.