Drizzy and the New Celebrity Worship

Illustration by Erik Carter

Excerpt from this article:

A few weeks ago, I messaged a friend to ask how her film project was going. She replied, “Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture.” Then, a few days later, after filling me in on her summer plans, she sent another non sequitur: “I am on a 24-hour Champagne diet!!!” Eventually, she confessed that she was using an app called Drizzy, which lets users send text messages made of snippets of the rapper Drake’s lyrics. Such a service might sound limited in its appeal, but that hasn’t stopped half a million people from downloading the app since it was released in March; right after it was released, so many people were searching and texting Drake lyrics that the server crashed. It’s just one of several dozen apps that exist only to help smartphone users relish in and broadcast their love of Drake.