Tearjerking animation explores our unhealthy relationship with technology

DIS \ CONNECT from Doug Hindson on Vimeo.

Excerpt from this article:

With that in mind, when someone can make a project, or a song, or a film about this unhealthy but addictive and necessary relationship and totally hit the nail on the head, it’s always worth a watch. Kingston graduate Doug Hindson has done just that with this un-showy animation about a man with a head full of worries, queries and contemplations about the role technology plays in his life. Even though he’s a wooden puppet with no facial features, the scenes in which he interacts with various and very familiar items of technology in his home are heartbreaking and scary. Lying in bed with someone and both of your faces lit up by screens is a classic, modern-day scene – but something in the way that Doug puts that across in this quiet, unassuming short with a truly excellent and funny script is tearjerkingly perfect.