Inside the elite, super-secret world of L.A.’s coolest girls on Facebook

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Excerpt from this article:

To gain entry into the most exclusive club in Los Angeles, there is no need to wear a trendy outfit or to slip the bouncer a Benjamin. In fact, there isn’t even a line.

Instead, admission requires the approval of a scrupulous jury of 1,500 women. And if those women decide to let you into their secret club, a Facebook group called ‘Girls Night In,’ all 1,500 of them will become your very best friends.

‘Girls Night In’—or GNI, as its members call it—is like a giant online slumber party, one that never ends, slips into your pocket and can be called upon at any moment in the day that you need it. It is a constant stream of brutally frank chatter about relationships, work, sex, race, gender and, yes, cats, along with a bizarrely large quantity of nude selfies. It is made up mainly of women in their 20s and 30s who live in the Los Angeles area. Among its ranks are Instagram-famous models, former reality show contestants, celebrity makeup artists and the quasi-famous girlfriend of a very famous singer.

If you get invited into ‘Girls Night In,’ it will probably change your life. It’s like joining a sorority—a digital sisterhood where women vent, fight, offer advice, trade tips, crack jokes and critique each other’s selfies. It’s an interactive, communal diary, and a support group for womanhood. But most important of all, it’s a focus group for your life. If you’re wondering how to respond to a text from a dude, whether you should buy that jumpsuit you’re trying on at Fred Segal or if your boobs looks smoking, just post your inquiry to the group for real-time feedback.

“It’s like your 1,000 best girlfriends on a group text,” founder Annaliese Nielsen told me. It’s a female hive mind and it might be the future of friendship.

Private Facebook groups like ‘Girls Night In’ are a fenced-off corner of the social media world where people speak honestly using their real names without fear of repercussion. You can post a boob shot knowing commenters will tell you how great they look but not repost it anywhere else on the web. You can air your angst about being married but still being upset about your ex-boyfriend of six years ago getting engaged. You can post a question knowing it will get a flurry of responses, and that they will be honest ones from people whose judgement you trust.