To Go Viral or Not to Go Viral, That Is the Question


Excerpt from this article:

People go viral on Twitter (and other channels) all the time. But it’s usually celebrities who rack up the big numbers. On the off chance it is actually Joe Average it’s usually individuals who are unfortunate enough to say something downright stupid (Justine Sacco anyone) or take a picture that comes back to haunt them (Breanna Mitchell). Thankfully, I went viral for neither of these reasons.

I’m here to tell you what it’s like, so next time you post something hoping it reaches the masses you stop and think, ‘Is this really worth it?’ Trust me. It’s probably not.

  1. Your phone breaks: For 7 days straight, my tweet got on average 38 interactions a minute. I was getting so many phone notifications that I couldn’t even enter my password to turn them off.Eventually my phone just gave up. Three times.

  2. You become very visible…

  3. You need to watch what you say next: Whatever you write from now on is no longer just simply going out into the ether to be seen by maybe 6 people. You now always need to think before you post because you have invited hundreds if not thousands of baying dogs to your social feed and they are waiting for you to throw them a bone that they can either eat or fight over.

  4. You get talked about everywhere…

  5. You will be told you said something you didn’t: I wrote about a pre-peeled orange encased in plastic. Twitter somehow read that and turned me into a racist, a Donald Trump supporter, a sexist, an ageist and the most common (and maybe most upsetting) an ablest.