Celia Walden knows when she’s not wanted

In LA brides send out 'you're not invited' cards.

Excerpt from this article:

You are not invited to John and Autumn’s wedding.’ It takes me a second or two to digest this Evite.

I’m not even sure it qualifies as an Evite, since I’m pointedly not being invited. A triad of emotions follow in quick succession: relief (I don’t know John or Autumn well enough to assume that I would be there on their big day), offence (why the hell aren’t I invited?) and finally paranoia (have these people finally found my column online?). But Ava – the only LA friend who does read my column online – tells me not to take it personally. ‘You’re not invited’ invitations are ‘a thing’, apparently. A direct result of our over-sharing culture, they are sent to warn acquaintances who have followed the coupling, engagement and pre-wedding hysteria on social media not to get excited about the ‘lily cascade’ wedding cake with lemon buttercream frosting, the fireworks or the mariachi band, because they are not invited.