London’s Gold Car-Driving Arab Prince

Excerpt from this article:

Because just as tricking out sports cars and flying them to Europe has become something of a national hobby for the mega rich youth of Saudi Arabia, rather like hunting or shooting would be for their counterparts in the UK, it is in press coverage and social media attention that the kids who own the cars measure their success.

In this case the owner of the cars has been identified as Turki Bin Abdullah, a rich young Saudi with a heavy footprint on Instagram, where there are dozens of pictures and videos of his life, including shots of him posing with a pet cheetah in his car—but most of the wealthy Saudi playboys who flaunt their cars in London are difficult for outsiders to identify.

They come from deeply conservative families, and are often explicitly forbidden from speaking to the press by their families back home before they depart for London. We may think of them as liable to be involved in debauched partying but many of the ‘playboys’ are said by those close to them to be shy, naïve and immature.