Is the backlash against social media coming?

is the backlash against social media coming?

Excerpt from this article:

Snapchat has ruined relationships. Facebook has ruined the world, society, life itself. Instagram has ruined originality in restaurant cooking, the internet, creativity, our self- esteem, photography, fashion and much more besides. In 2014 the Telegraph reported that Britain’s animal shelters were “full to bursting” with black cats, abandoned because they don’t look good in selfies. Meanwhile other things have been somehow desecrated or endangered by our desire to take selfies in front of them: from Holocaust memorials, to the Tour de France, to that unfortunate baby dolphin that washed up on an Argentinian beach.

While these networks are great at connecting us with one another and what’s happening in the world, they paradoxically also encourage us to distance ourselves physically from real life. These days many of us live at one remove from reality. Everybody is always on their phones, even at important social occasions, even on dates. I struggle to watch long movies or football matches because it’s too tempting to look at my phone – it’s so alluring that it even distracts me from other forms of entertainment I enjoy. Our lives have become about consuming content.

In the past the pressure to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty came primarily from the fashion, entertainment and advertising industries, but now it increasingly comes from ourselves.