These Girls are the Self-Made Queens of Tween and Teen Social Media

Excerpt from this article:

You may not have heard of “Baby Ariel” Martin, “TheyLoveArii” Trejos, and Loren Beech – but if you have tween or teenage children, they probably have. And, if you have a business that either caters to the tween and teen markets, or utilizes social media as part of its marketing, you definitely should learn from their advice.

Together, the three girls, now ages 14 and 15, have over 30-million engaged followers across social media, and receive millions of likes on their posts just about every day – far more than achieved by many A-list celebrities and public figures. And here’s the kicker – all three of them built their entire, massive, super-engaged audiences in well under a year. You read that correctly.

The three girls are all “musers” – that is, users of the video social network that I discussed earlier this month, and it was on that platform that they built their names and brands. Ariel and Ari came to the platform in the spring of 2015, and Loren posted her first video last July. All three saw their following skyrocket last summer – they finished their 2014-5 school year as typical middle school kids, but by the time the new semester began last September, they were de facto celebrities. Ariel is now homeschooled, Loren is in school online, and Ari still attends a public school.