Hillary Supporters Can Now ‘Be Public’ on Facebook

Excerpt from this article:

Some are small, with just a couple of hundred members, while others number into the thousands. All of them began as a “secret” — or, as secret as one can be with an invite-only Facebook group.

The groups are “safe spaces,” members say: a way to discuss policy and celebrate good news without having to defend; a place to bring up doubts about their candidate — What’s the deal with the emails? What about her changing stance on gay marriage? — and work through them together with a nuance not typically afforded on the internet.

… “It’s like a secret society,” said Ashley Kreamer, 37, a film editor in Brooklyn, who is a member of two such groups on Facebook. “A secret society of Hillary Clinton supporters.”

For most of 2016, to be a vocal supporter of Mrs. Clinton — in certain circles of Bernie Sanders-supporting progressives, anyway — was to be the square in the Lacoste shirt cast to the corner of the hipster prom.

“I was yelled at when I wore my Hillary shirt to a grocery store in West Hollywood, possibly the most ‘accepting’ neighborhood in the whole world,” said Kate Hess, a 38-year-old producer in Los Angeles.