Innovation in the Middle East: 48 things I learned while designing a new bank in Dubai

Excerpt from this article:

One woman we met carried a photo of her signature on her smartphone, so she could copy it exactly every time she signed a cheque. Signatures on paper cheques are still a huge part of doing business in Dubai.

Dubai’s homogenous climate and modern road system make it an easier target for driverless cars than many places — one reason why Sheikh Mohammed has set a target of 25% of journeys driverless by 2030. [Will Oremus]

All drones have to be licensed in Dubai [Govt of Dubai], but the Prime Minister’s office also runs an annual Drones for Good competition with a $1m prize.

Some Emirati bachelors have three different phones. Family & friends, work and play.

People we met often had multiple smartphones for different activities and different social groups; “That’s for my photos, that’s for my Syrian friends”

We met people who used the transfer tools in Dubai ATMs just like we’d use online banking. One woman chose her bank because it allowed her to pay her son’s school fees through the ATM.