Smart Doesn’t Always Mean an Easy Home

Excerpt from this article:

There’s a reason they call them Smart Homes, not Easy Homes…  Smart devices address household problems great and small. For Adam Justice, a vice president of Grid Connect, the ConnectSense outlet made by the company ended a perpetual spat. “It solves the problem of my wife and I both being in bed and arguing over who is going to get up to turn out the lights,” he said. “So you could say it solves marital problems.” …Even so, that’s not enough, Mr. Dumas said. If you follow a predictable routine, he explained, “After a few times, it should ask, ‘We notice when you get home and it’s dark out, you turn on the hallway light, then turn on ESPN; do you want us to do that?’ ”  But that’s easier said than done.

“It’s so simple to comprehend the internet of Things 2.0, and people think we are there, and we aren’t,” Mr. Dumas said. “We are at 1.0, and there is a lot of value there, but 2.0 is where we need to go.”