Dawn of the Virtual Assistant

Illustration by Mark Allen Miller

Excerpt from this article:

The best part of having a virtual assistant is telling your friends you have a virtual assistant; I felt as if I’d discovered a third buttock.

It was the conversational equivalent of carrying a baby through an office. “Does she sound like Scarlett Johansson in “Her”?,” one person asked me; another jested that bots are the new mimes.

Allowing someone to do your vetting requires trust… Additionally, I loved that Amy sent me copies of all her correspondence for the first three meetings she set up for me. It was reassuring that Amy did not not deploy the locutions “No problem” or its hideous offspring “N.P.”

But the more I used Amy, the more I saw that she can be relied on for finding a mutually convenient time between parties, but not much more.

When I told one friend to meet me at the Starbuck’s near Bond Street, Amy provided the address for the wrong Starbuck’s; one afternoon when I invited my boyfriend, Greg, to the admittedly vague location “the beach” in August, I came home that night to six emails from Amy.