If you have over 25 photos on Instagram, you’re no longer cool


Excerpt from this article:

A recent Washington Post article chronicled the way one teen uses social media and revealed the importance of Instagram in the life of social teens today. One of the most interesting moments in the article was learning that teens are now curating their Instagrams and deleting photos that don’t get enough likes. The teen profiled in the Washington Post article had 604 followers and only 25 posts on her account.

…Dan’s been sharing pictures on the photo-sharing app since he was 13 years old, and says he posts roughly two to three times per week. Yet if you look at his account, he only has 15 posts.

“I’ve deleted some,” he tells Tech Insider. “Usually if someone has over 500 followers and posts a picture, they expect it to bring in at least 60 likes, anything less usually means the picture will be deleted.”

…Mastering the art of Instagram sounds a lot like fishing: The photo is bait and the engaged followers are the fish. If one type of bait isn’t working, you toss it and try another.