Your political Facebook posts aren’t changing how your friends think

Facebook politics

Excerpt from this article:

A staggering 94% of Republicans, 92% of Democrats, and 85% of independents on Facebook say they have never been swayed by a political post, according to Rantic, a firm that sells social media followers. The firm surveyed 10,000 Facebook users who self-identified as Republicans, Democrats, or independents, Wired reported.

The only thing those opinionated election posts are doing is damaging your friendships. Nearly one-third of Facebook users surveyed said social media is not an appropriate forum for political discussions. And respondents from each political affiliation admitted they’ve un-friended people on Facebook because of their political posts.

Even more users surveyed said they’ve judged others based on their political views. That doesn’t bode well for those who have turned Facebook into their personal political pulpits.