Hashtag Fashion on the Rise

Excerpt from this article:

We live in a time of bifurcation and oppositions: Trump vs. Clinton, the one percent vs. the 99 percent, globalism vs. isolationism. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us, really, that fashion is right on trend. There’s a rift opening in New York Fashion Week, with big blowout extravaganzas facing off against quieter, more traditional collections; hashtag hoo-has against analogue outreach. It’s an either-or moment.

On Friday night Tommy Hilfiger invited a few thousand people (plus Taylor Swift) to the “Tommy Pier” at the South Street Seaport for #TOMMYNOW, where he recreated a funfair complete with Ferris wheel, tornado ride, lobster rolls, temporary tattoo parlor and pop-up digital kiosks, the better to frame his see-now, buy-now fall collection, made in collaboration with the model and social media magnet Gigi Hadid.