How Instagram is ruining travel

Excerpt from this article:

At its best, travel is about curiosity, outwardness, a search for authentic encounters with the other. Photography was once a medium that enabled this: with its premium on stopping, framing, thinking, it encouraged seeing as opposed to merely looking. Lately, however, we seem to have stopped using photography like this. We’ve turned the camera around, focusing not out, but in. Photography no longer encourages seeing; it simply encourages projecting, turning the world’s great vistas into mere backdrops for the self.

I stand on the rock staring out. Around me everyone is posing, clicking, capturing, desperate that the moment be documented, made real by the standards of the day. Every image is an attempt to delay the inevitable, a desperate scream that says ‘look on my works, ye mighty and despair’. I look out at the land, boundless and bare, and know who’s winning the long game.