Step Inside the YouTube-Fueled, Teenaged Extravaganza That Is Beautycon


Excerpt from this article:

YouTube creator meetups are scheduled in hour-long blocks throughout the day. Tana is one of the few with two solo meetups, and the line for her first is overflowing its corral. A girl holds a glue-sticked poster: Your superhero wears a cape, mine wears mac honey love lipstick.

Taylor is close to the front, feet from the chair where Tana will sit. As we wait, she shows me a framed poem she wrote—entitled “An Influence”—that includes sweet (if dystopian) couplets like: “An environment which provides a positive escape / Through a false world that reality shaped.” The poem is signed, “God Bless, Taylor.”

The online beauty scene, for Taylor, is less about the makeup than following creators as one might General Hospital. Perhaps this is why she loves Tana Mongeau. Tana doesn’t claim any beauty expertise (and sometimes she actively rejects it). Her videos take the form of ebullient monologues, looping from silly into serious back to crass. Taylor calls Tana a storytime YouTuber. She communicates with fans like they’re up late at a sleepover, giddy from sugar, swapping racy stories…

“She’s created such a positive environment on the internet,” Taylor tells me. “To the point where the amount of interaction with her following has really made it feel like more of a family.”