A question we’ve been asking ourselves lately: What is reality, anyway?

Excerpt from this article:

  • The biggest startup you’ve never heard of is going to make augmented reality real. And it’s going to drive us all nuts.
  • If reality’s a simulation, why bother worrying about homelessness?
  • Space and time are your desktop. Physical items are simply icons on that desktop.

Woman Sacked Before First Day At Pizzeria After Sending This Tweet

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 08.58.43

Excerpt from this article:

Owner of Jet’s Pizza Robert Waple was told about the tweet by Cella’s future co-workers and promptly took to the internet to give the teen her marching orders. The exchange has since gone viral, with Waple’s response being retweeted over 4,000 times. Cella still doesn’t seem to give a shit.