Secret-Sharing Gossip App Launches In UK


Excerpt from this article:

An anonymous social networking app that lets you share your innermost secrets is launched in the UK today.

Secret has been a big success in America, where people share short text and image posts with their social network but without revealing their name.

Anonymous Apps Are So Scary, They May Just Help Us Discover Ourselves

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You’re a person known only to yourself. The fears and loves and hates that most define you are often the things you cannot discuss openly. But sometimes we need to let others see our secret selves—without revealing our true identities. A wave of new applications aims to help us do just that.

It’s a renaissance, of sorts. We flirted with real names online, but our love of anonymity, one of the Internet’s best and most resilient features, is suddenly born again. All it needs to reach adulthood is a higher calling.

Apps like Secret, Wut, Confide, Whisper, and Yik Yak all share a common goal: to let us broadcast to the people around us without exposing that we’re the ones talking.