Entrepreneurs Are Using Instagram to Sell Everything From Sweaters to Sheep

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For most people, Instagram is a way to share tastefully distressed photographs of their lives and meals. But some clever people have turned Instagram into a business.

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A rising class of Instagram entrepreneurs in Kuwait is selling comics, makeup and sheep

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Kuwaiti officials worrying about how to bring down the gulf state’s unemployment rate, estimated at more than 3%, may have another resource to tap besides crude oil: Instagram. The photo-sharing service is becoming popular among local entrepreneurs selling everything from makeup to Manga comics. The American University of Kuwait held an event in April featuring entrepreneurs who could teach others how they grew their businesses and “made it” on Instagram.


No One to Meet? How About a Tweetup?

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Is everyone really worth meeting? Here’s one way to find out: Next time you are alone in a strange city, post an open invitation on Twitter and see who shows up.

For some hyper-networking travelers, rallying a last-minute dinner guest or a drinking buddy through open calls on social media is a favorite method of avoiding lonely time. Take Peter Shankman, an author and entrepreneur who has sold two online networking businesses over the last 10 years. He has long been sending such invitations from airports, hotel bars, coffeehouses, yogurt shops, even a highway in Arizona.

“About to drive from Phoenix to San Diego on I 8,” he tweeted in October to his followers, then numbering 165,000. “If anyone is along that route and wants to meet for a coffee, let me know.”

An hour later, Mr. Shankman was in a Starbucks in Yuma, Ariz., sitting next to Aliza Sherman, an author and media consultant, and a man who called himself Johnny Awesome. Mr. Shankman left with the promise that his guests would give him a book signing the next time he was in town.

His conclusion? Good meeting.