Automatic launches on Android, dismisses your friends when you drive

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The app can silence your phone while driving, and tell your chums to buzz off (via text message, anyway) if they contact you at the wheel. Combine that with the ability to store and transmit information about a crash, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nifty car companion — just don’t try testing that latter feature on your own.

Apple’s iPhone ‘lock-out’ patent could end texting while driving

apple iphone texting

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Three in 10 of all drivers admitting sending or reading messages while driving, according to research by Brake and insurance company Direct Line. That number increases to more than four in 10 for drivers aged 18 to 24, while one in eight drivers admitted to using smartphone apps while behind the wheel.

Attempts to disable smartphones or limit distracting features of phones have been made in the past. Several developers have released apps that prevent drivers from texting behind the wheel for Android, but it has not been possible for the iPhone due to Apple’s restrictions on apps and system control.