Battery death is the new horror film staple


Excerpt from this article:

Robinson talks about how this trope taps into real-world anxieties about being unable to communicate or connect with other people, whiling away necessary power with frivolous uses, and technology letting us down in key moments, but she also gestures towards something else; a peculiar sort of wish-fulfillment. She imagines a high-tech horror film in which unplugging becomes a form of escape. But we’re already longing for a retreat from our devices, notifications, internet drama, and everything that comes with it. Isn’t part of the uncanny quality of the battery death trope that it’s giving us what we want, just in a distorted form?


KFC Launches US$10K ‘Internet Escape Pod’ So Colonel Sanders Can Keep You Safe


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Most recently, it’s introduced an ‘Internet Escape Pod’, a cage that features a long-limbed ‘Colonel Sanders’ shielding its occupants from the dangerous depths of the World Wide Web.

The pod was created to help buyers get away from the havoc caused by the “hailstorm of coupons” and advertising usually associated with Cyber Monday.

Before you start envisioning a beautiful life where you’re perpetually tucked in the embrace of your hero, there’s a catch: the tent will take US$10,000 out of your pocket. For an anti-tech, anti-internet product, the price is no small fry.