American Airlines is offering biometric boarding at LAX Terminal 4

American Airlines is offering biometric boarding at LAX Terminal 4

Excerpt from this article:

The program will let American test whether passengers like and are willing to use facial recognition to expedite the boarding process and ensure that the technology meets Customs and Border Protection requirements.

Gemalto’s tech can replace boring old paper boarding passes by instantly matching passenger faces against the pre-populated Department of Homeland of Security database.

Disheartened Man Expected At Least One Text While Checking Phone After Flight

Excerpt from this spoof in the always excellent online satire, The Onion:

“It was a four-hour flight, so I assumed I’d get a text from somebody,” said a dejected Woods, 38, who had reportedly sent out text messages to three individuals before switching the phone to airplane mode prior to takeoff, setting himself up, in his mind, for multiple responses. “I figured it was just taking a while to connect to the network, but I could hear other people getting texts as soon as the plane landed. I turned it off and back on and there was still nothing.”