Lilly Pulitzer Has Created Custom-Printed Filters for Snapchat

Lilly Pulitzer Has Created Custom-Printed Filters for Snapchat

Excerpt from this article:

When it comes to this collaboration, the Geofilter is activated when a customer enters one of Lilly’s 31 corporate stores (including the Madison Ave location). Then they will be able to access a custom-made brightly printed geo-filter that will link to their phone automatically. All the customer needs to do is swipe left once the app is open, and the Lilly filter will be first, whereas if you swipe right it will be last after the default time/temperature filters.

Users can then play around with the patterns to use on the Snapchat application in a way that’s never been done before, adding them to selfies and group shots. Users have the option to send the finished Snapchat to a select group of friends, post it to their Snapchat story for followers to view for the next 24 hours or just save it to their phone as a keepsake.