Hashtag Fashion on the Rise

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We live in a time of bifurcation and oppositions: Trump vs. Clinton, the one percent vs. the 99 percent, globalism vs. isolationism. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us, really, that fashion is right on trend. There’s a rift opening in New York Fashion Week, with big blowout extravaganzas facing off against quieter, more traditional collections; hashtag hoo-has against analogue outreach. It’s an either-or moment.

On Friday night Tommy Hilfiger invited a few thousand people (plus Taylor Swift) to the “Tommy Pier” at the South Street Seaport for #TOMMYNOW, where he recreated a funfair complete with Ferris wheel, tornado ride, lobster rolls, temporary tattoo parlor and pop-up digital kiosks, the better to frame his see-now, buy-now fall collection, made in collaboration with the model and social media magnet Gigi Hadid.

How the battle against IS is being fought online

woman holding #notinmyname placard

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The battle against Islamic State (IS) militants has been fought in part on social networks, and has raised the question – how best to counter the message being spread by jihadists?

Analysis by BBC News shows that over the course of Friday evening the hashtag [#notinmyname] reached an audience equivalent to those sitting down to watch the main news bulletins. The hashtag was the brainchild of the Active Change Foundation, an organisation dedicated to fighting extremism.  Hanif Qadir of ACF said he and the young people at the organisation came up with the campaign because the broad mass of ordinary Muslim voices couldn’t be heard. They wanted to take back online space occupied by IS.

“It’s a simple message,” he says. “It’s Muslims [and] non-Muslims saying no way, not in the name of Islam, and not in the name of any faith or humanity, It’s a very very powerful message and very simple.”

“This is the most socially-mediated conflict in history,” he says. “You literally have thousands of foreign fighters from all over the world using social media in order to convey the message about the jihad that they are fighting.

“If I am a 20-year-old kid in Bradford who is thinking about going to Syria, I can go online and talk to another 20-year-old from Birmingham, London or Manchester and find out about their experiences and have a two-way conversation with a peer who has undergone the exact same thought processes that I have gone through and has faced all the challenges that I am about to embark upon.”


Indians Flood the Internet With #SelfieWithDaughter Photos

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India’s Prime Minister has led the campaign to boost the standing of women in India’s highly patriarchal society

Thousands of people across India (and several from various corners of the globe) flooded social media Sunday with selfies taken with their daughters in response to a call from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi appealed to his country during his monthly radio address to share photos with the tag #SelfieWithDaughter — an attempt to recognize and celebrate the girl child as part of his Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter) campaign.