Information-Hungry Millennial Parents, Making It Hard on Themselves

Excerpt from this article:

My mother gave me a gift when my first baby was born. When my newborn daughter was released from the hospital… The gift was this: When June stirred in her car seat and started mewling… my mother waved me back over to the table.

…Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her, I had been scouring message boards and Facebook groups during June’s nursing sessions, and I had stumbled on discussions of every kind of parenting issue imaginable — things I didn’t even know were issues at all. Cord-clamping. Vitamin K shots. Chem-trails, whatever those were. And few issues were as contentious as simply “letting the baby cry,” as mom had suggested. I joined in, and soon found myself part of a forum of strongly opinionated women my age, all of them self-made experts who prided themselves on questioning authority and demanding “evidence-based” medicine. I wanted answers as well — ones backed by scrupulous, peer-reviewed research.

…Of the 10.8 million households with millennial parents at the helm, nearly all of them are frequent Internet users. Liberal, socially conscious, interconnected and peer-reliant, my segment of the millennial generation (wealthy in education and confidence, if not in our paychecks) has unprecedented access to what was once privileged information, as well as the opinions of their peers. We’ve become the experts, and as a result, we’re hyper-aware, constantly questioning, defensive. Baby boomer helicopter parents have nothing on us.