Original Streamed Series Top Binge Viewing Survey for First Time

Tons of stats to show how people are showing new TV watching behaviours, binging on shows online and more, from the TiVo Binge Viewing Survey:

Why We Binge
Respondents cite the desire to “catch up” on TV (28 percent) and “only having learned about the show after many episodes had already aired” (17 percent) as their top drivers for binging.

Three in ten of those surveyed prefer to wait to binge-watch certain programs until the entire season or series is over.

32 percent deliberately put off watching an entire season of a show until they can watch the whole season at once, a slight increase from the 2014 survey.

Risk Factors: Sadness, Lost Weekends and Lost Sleep
Ever heard of the binging blues? 52 percent report experiencing feeling sad when they get to the end of binging a series. When it comes to time spent binging, 31 percent said they have lost sleep due to binge-viewing, and 37 percent have spent an entire weekend binging a show.

The Couple That Binges Together… Stays Together
…31 percent say binge-viewing together is an important way they spend time with their spouse.

Netflix Is Going to Rule TV After All

Robin Wright accepts the Golden Globe for her role in Netflix's House of Cards.Image: Paul Drinkwater/AP

Excerpt from this article:

Meanwhile, Netflix charges eight bucks a month to watch anything, anytime, anywhere, painlessly. Until recently, NetFlix still seemed like a supplement to the rest of TV, especially given its sometimes spotty offerings. But its original content upended that calculus, especially because it showed a willingness and ability to make shows whose quality rivaled anything on cable.

What’s more, Netflix isn’t hamstrung by anything as retro as seasons or time slots. No matter how good their shows are, the core business of HBO or Showtime or AMC is limited by how much programming they can fit into a 168-hour week. But Netflix can make as many or as few shows as it likes and put them up any time of year.

Netflix is also willing to release an entire season of shows at one time.