Everyone Is Trying to Outdo Each Other With Cute Wi-Fi Names

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Network names have gone from being boring digit chains to another opportunity for personalization, like vanity plates or monogrammed towels. “You name your Wi-Fi so you don’t have to read the overly lengthy digit code and password to visitors, but also to authentically create a moment of levity, to tell your friend something they may not know about you,” said Natalie Zfat, 31, a social media entrepreneur in New York City.

Ms. Zfat equates the importance of Wi-Fi branding to screen names 15 years ago. “There were always people who were straightforward and then others who were much more creative and detail focused,” she said, citing aliases like Flirty4u and Sporty88.

The Real Wi-Fi Of Baltimore

From this post on Kottke:

Julia Kim Smith[‘s video takes] a look at the names of wifi networks in various neighborhoods of Baltimore.

Here’s a link to the project on Smith’s website, which “offers a punny and revealing view of ten Baltimore neighborhoods..[based on] Wi-Fi network names.”

‘Terror’ wi-fi signal leaves LA-London flight grounded

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Excerpt from this article:

Many broadband subscribers re-name their home wi-fi network to personalise it.

When a device comes within range of the network, its name will appear on a list of potentially available wi-fi connections.

While some use their family name or the name of their house, others take a more satirical approach.

“It can be a kooky way of saying you support a local football team or you want to bait your neighbour who supports the opposing team,” said Stuart Miles of tech review site Pocket Lint.

“Some people use it as advertising. It’s an unwritten code of spreading a message that you’re allowed to do – but obviously sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s not.”

In a discussion about favourite wi-fi names on community site Reddit, users admitted to using titles like “FBI Surveillance Van”, “ISIS HQ” and names that sounded like computer viruses to alarm passers-by